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      Calf Contouring

      Get your calf slender with Botox injection, simple and safe!

      Botulinum toxin will gradually safely reduce nervous stimulation to the calf muscles.


      Botulinum toxin will be injected intramuscularly by our expert doctors. This process will spend only up to 20 minutes. It might be little painful. However, you can return home shortly after treatment, no need for hospitalization.


      The treatment will obviously achieve full result within 1-2 months. It then will slowly return to almost the same size as prior to injection. The overall size of the calf will be smaller in the next injections if the calf muscles have not been overused.

      Side effects and precautions:

      Some patients may experienced muscle fatigue, which is not a serious symptom. Driving and wearing high heels can be carried on as usual. However, physician consultation is recommended if you find the symptom intolerable. 

      Service fee: 17,000 THB with 100 units Korean Botox Hugel or 30,000 THB with 200 units. 

                             25,000 THB with 100 units American Botox Allergan or 46,000 THB with 200 units. 

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