COVID-19 outbreak

COVID-19 outbreak - Clarification on public health measures pertaining to visitors to Thailand

Notice d'information :

The Ministry of Public Health of Thailand is responsible for the epidemiological surveillance of emerging threats to the public health in the kingdom.
The owner of Metro Bangkok Clinic is a high ranking medical doctor in the Thai army in daily contact with his colleagues at the various ports of entry to the country.
Let it be known that:

1. Contrary to the rumors being propagated on the social media, there is no requirement for visitors to undergo any kind of self-imposed quarantine, nor is it asked from tourists to report to authorities at regular intervals, let alone fines for not reporting oneself.

2. Security measures for arriving passengers include screening passengers for fever or cough.

3. As of today, there are no constraining measures for visitors to Thailand. We shall immediately advise our public should any changes in the current health policies come to effect.