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      Dermal Fillers

      Welcome to Metro Bangkok Clinic, the experts in Dermal Filler procedures in Bangkok. Different brands are available in our clinic, all made of Hyaluronic acid (the only type of dermal filler FDA-approved in Thailand) which is the gold standard today with no allergy test needed.

      We offer you only the best dermal fillers available on the market today; you will find Juvederm Voluma, Juvederm Volbella and Juvederm Volift, but also Restylane, Restylane Lyft and Restylane Vital Light from Sweden, and also Perfectha Derm, Deep, Fine Lines, Complement and Subskin from France at a very reasonable rate.

      Metro Clinic Bangkok use only Grade A medical equipment to assure our patients maximum safety and the best results as possible. We will be very happy to welcome you for a free consultation if you are keen to visit us.

      How to choose the most appropriate Filler?

      The “best filler” will depend on many factors including:

      1.  The length of time the filler will last.
      2. The area on the face that needs to be filled.
      3. Your skin type, thick or thin, if you have sun damage or acne scarring.
      4. The amount of “fill” that is required (fine wrinkles, etched wrinkles, troughs and major volume – cheeks and mid-face).

      Hyaluronic acid fillers have become the “gold standard” these days. The reason that hyaluronic acid fillers have become so popular is because they are softer than the other fillers, they are more forgiving (harder to feel or see bumps) in thinner skin and soft tissue, they can last up to 12 or 24 months in some locations, they are cheaper than other longer lasting fillers and they can be reversed instantly with a solution of hyaluronidase if needed.

      The two major hyaluronic acid players are Juvederm (by Allergan) and Restylane (by Medicis). The major hyaluronic acid fillers can differ in the “particle size” of the hyaluronic polymer, the cross-linking of the polymers and the final concentration of the hyaluronic acid in the syringe. Juvederm has a wider range of particle sizes and Restylane has a more uniform particle size. Both have similar concentrations and cross-linking of hyaluronic acid. The variations of these products like Perfectha from France have greater concentration or cross-linking to achieve better and longer lasting correction at the expense of a thicker, less forgiving product in thinner skin (like Juvederm Ultra and Restylane).

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      About Perfectha

      Perfectha is made in France by a pharmaceutical company, ObvieLine SAS. Perfectha brand products are stabilized cross-linked hyaluronic acid fillers of biotechnological origin (E-brid technology) for contouring treatments. Perfectha gels contain 20 mg/ml of Hyaluronic acid.

      In 2010, Perfectha brand received one of the top awards at the Anti-Aging Medicine Congress in Monte Carlo. 

      The entire line of Perfectha products is fully certified for medical use.


      Perfectha offers the following products:

      Perfectha Fine Lines

      Perfectha Derm

      Perfectha Deep

      Perfectha Sub-Skin

      Perfectha Complement

      The different product lines are designed to affect the different layers of the skin: dermal, hypoderm, and the periosteum. The complete range of fillers allows to solve any aesthetic problem from the correction of wrinkles to modeling the shape and volume of the lips and biological reinforcement of face and body.

      The bottom line is that each of our patients is evaluated first, then we discuss the different filler options available for each area of concern and finally we select a filler to give the best correction for that area.

      We photograph each patient before and after the treatments to follow the patient’s progress and document the length of time each correction lasts.

      We recommend our patients to return if possible after two weeks so we can reevaluate the treatment area and determine if any additional corrections are necessary.


      Advantages of Perfectha:

      Excellent plasticity: hyaluronic acid is naturally distributed in the dermis without injuring the surrounding tissue and conforms to the space that needs to be filled.

      Visible results: the effect of contouring becomes apparent after the first procedure. Since there is no swelling around the injection area that would interfere with the visibility and evaluation of the results, the treatment can be controlled visually (as opposed to the traditional method not simply relying on tracking the administered amounts of the drug).

       We, Metro Bangkok Clinic, have experienced doctors who specialize in a holistic beauty care with technologically-advanced medical equipment. Our service and care are constantly based on universal standard. It is our pleasure to provide our customers with advices and solutions for any problems.

      ” Because your beauty is our success…”

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