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Cosmetic fillers injections to restore harmony and youthful volume

Dermal Fillers at
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Dermal Fillers are gels used to add volume under the skin. They are often used in conjunction with other treatments, such as Thermage (skin rejuvenation and tightening) or botulinum toxin injections and surgery (facial enhancement and corrective surgery).

Despite of the fact that many types of dermal fillers are nowadays available, hyaluronic acid, is today considered the gold standard product in the use case of medical volumetric reshaping, for its innocuous effect on the organism when appropriately used (it is naturally present in the human organism).

In Thailand, only HA based dermal fillers are FDA approved for injection, other dermal fillers are not authorized due to the serious complications they might lead to.

Dermal fillers as a solution in face contouring

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Filler injection is also available for non-surgical rhinoplasty in patients with flat or uneven nasal bridge, who are unwilling to experience immediate complications of surgery like inflammation and swelling.

Filler injections can be skillfully used to bring augmentation of some parts of the nose that might need some correction or volume adjusting.

Thanks to their transient nature, they can offer a "feel" of what a permanent rhinoplasty might deliver without the downtime, the swelling and the inflammation. It is possible to have an additional procedure performed to augment, adjust or to reduce the volume of filler when necessary.

Also, surgical rhinoplasty needs a reasonably good post-operative care. In such cases, problems can also be alternatively resolved by filler injection.

Nose bridge augmentation with dermal fillers is a complex procedure that is not possible with people who have had previous nose surgery (closed or open rhinoplasty) and such injections must be made prior to nose surgery so as to avoid complications.

Filler can also help in re-contouring the nose for better self- confidence and appearance.

Chin augmentation with dermal fillers

As an alternative to genioplasty, injections of dermal fillers in the chin area can be made for facial contouring, giving a natural and harmonious balance to the profile of patients.

Fillers for cheek augmentation

A thick dermal filler is usually injected near the periosteum of the cheekbones ensuring a first mid-face lifting effect restoring some of the original volumes in this area of the face, and depending on the case, and up to the practician's judgment, an additional filler of a different viscosity may be used as an adjunct to the first one.


Dermal fillers in face and body rejuvenation

A visible sign of facial aging is volume dystrophy or the shrinkage and displacement of fat deposits in the face. With age, they become particularly evident in the temporal area, the upper lid, the tear through the area below the lower lids, in the cheeks area and the lips.

Subcutaneous injections of a very hydrophilic gel will help with the volume and elasticity and will keep the skin hydrated. In combination with other techniques, these are ideal for the restoration and the authentic aspects of the facial volumes.


Temporal filling

This intervention is offered to correct the skeletonization of the face, a marking of old age, also to widen a skull appearing too narrow.

Nasolabial fillings

Filler injections can be done in various facial locations. The Laugh line (nasolabial crease) correction being among the most common, in such a procedure, a gel of higher viscosity might just be the most appropriate choice for the intervention.

Treatments of deep-seated or long wrinkles, such as frown or forehead lines with good quality filler injections yield a more favorable outcome than Botox injections alone. The result will last for approximately 10-12 months with an appropriate thin gel.

Lips augmentation

Injections of a very fine hyaluronic acid can fill up the fine lines that progressively striate the vermillion border of the lips. Offering more volume to thin lips can be done by the injection of dermal filler in the philtrum, that will allow the pleasant shapeliness and the curvature of the upper lip, that define a more prominent cupid bow. Very precise and localized injections in the lower lip should render the desired plumpness to restore the balance in an aspect of the mouth. These injections are safe, quick and without undesirable effects.

Patients can select up to any level to reach the greatest satisfaction by consulting with our expert doctors.

Under eye fillers: A non-chirurgical Peri-orbital rejuvenation

As the face ages, fatty deposits found in the eye sockets and on the periosteum of the orbicular bones area, under the combined action of loss of elasticity and muscles contractions, start to migrate underneath the skin. These facial areas become depleted and sunken in. With the thinning of the skin, the loss of its collagen, the leaks of small blood vessels, dark under-circles and pouches appear, to give a fatigued appearance to the gaze.

Fine hyaluronic acid gel can be injected to fill the hollows and to bring fullness in that portion of the face, the dark under-circles becoming less apparent with the filling.

Festoons or jelly roll of lower eyelids can also be easily diminished by filler injection. With the use of small gauge needles, traces of injection are barely perceptible.

Hand volume restoration

Hands can be a real age-marker giveaway, hence the value of restoring their initial volume with hyaluronic acid gel fillers.

The process is similar to the one used in the other HA injections and the aesthetic rendition is very satisfactory.


Dermal fillers Products used at Metro Bangkok Clinic

Metro Bangkok Clinic prides itself for only offering the best of the best, FDA approved products


The Clinic has chosen to work with the following fillers:

  • Juvederm the newest generation of Juvederm family of gels offers the best dermal fillers available to this day. Their superior quality is slightly reflected in their prices, but it offers longer lasting results (up to 2 years for Juvederm Voluma). It is also, the only filler with an immediate increase of voluminous effect due to its particular molecular structure (crosslinked molecules), giving up to 30% better expansion compared to other fillers upon being released from the syringe.
  • Restylane is an excellent product, but because of its viscoelasticity and granulous aspect, better left for specific uses.
  • Perfectha from France, offers the best value for money as a dermal filler.

Amongst these brands, according to Metro Bangkok Clinic, there is no “best” filler, but a set of variations on the same theme that must be used and adjusted depending on the particularities of the patients situation, in fact, every intervention must be thought, planned and tailored to each patient's needs, as there is no such thing as a standard intervention that can be used for everyone.

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Dermal fillers process

Procedures and techniques at Metro Bangkok Clinic

The type of product(s) and the volume to be injected will depend on the area to be intervened on, and the anticipated result wished to be achieved (filling or lifting and both).

Local topical anesthetics might be applied prior to intervention, but local injections of anesthetics might add temporary swelling to the injection site, and might be contraindicated under certain circumstances.
For patient's comfort purposes, some hyaluronic acid gels have added Lidocaine. In any given case, the physician is expected to inform you on the choice of products and actions.

Dermal Fillers Procedure

The lenght of procedure varies depending on the number of areas to be treated. It does not leave any pain after injection, or very minimal, so that patients can continue their daily activities, with satisfying results.

Dermal Fillers Bangkok - Before After
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Frequency of the injections

When possible, our patients are invited to come over once again after a couple of weeks so we can reevaluate the treatment area and determine if any additional corrections are necessary.

Result of cosmetic fillers

The effects of contouring immediately become apparent after the first procedure. Since little or no swelling around the injection area is to be expected considering the very high quality of fillers offered at Metro Bangkok Clinic, the results of the treatment can be observed and evaluated visually rather quickly.

The effects can last up to 2 years depending on the dermal fillers.

Post-injection care

It is advisable for patients to avoid taking blood thinners and exposing the worked on area to bright sun for 2 days following the intervention.

Dermal fillers cost

Dermal Fillers Pricing Examples

Dermal fillers: 1cc treatment with Perfectha Subskin and Perfectha Derm From France 15 000 THB
Dermal fillers: 1cc treatment with Restylane 16 000 THB
Dermal fillers: 1cc treatment with Restylane Lyft 17 000 THB
Dermal fillers: 1cc treatment with Restylane Vital Light 16 000 THB
Dermal fillers: 1cc treatment with Juvederm Voluma (lasts up to 2 years) 20 000 THB
Dermal fillers: 1cc treatment with Juvederm Volift (up to 15 months) 20 000 THB
Dermal fillers: 1cc treatment with Juvederm Volbella (up to 12 months) 20 000 THB
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