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      Dermatology Treatment for Acne

      We know that acne really annoys you. At Metro Bangkok clinic, our expert dermatologists will analyze the root cause of your problem and will provide you with the adapted cure.

      Our anti-acne products, approved by Thai FDA, are safe and gentle to all skin types, even the most sensitive one. Eliminate all the causes of irritation, minimal to no side effects. Come see us today and experience the result by yourself.

      Acnes are generally caused by overproduction of sebum (oily substance from sebaceous glands), which is generally stimulated by Testosterone, a male hormone. This gives rise to blockage of skin pores, which in turn become comedones. 

      Treatment of medication-rated acnes should be conducted firstly by consultation with physicians who currently take care for primary diseases. The aim is to see if medications can be switch to other regimens or they have to be continued and treat acnes as a complication according to the severity.

      Facts About Acne

      All types of acnes are begun with comedones, which are caused by obstruction of skin pores. These comedones may become inflamed and consequently leave blemishes and scars. Comedones can be seen in people of both sexes and all age groups, especially in adolescents and young adults. They are mostly found in the face, the neck, the trunk and particularly the back, where there are lots of sebaceous glands.

      Acne Treatments

      Local treatments by topical agents, available as cream, gel or lotion, are widely used. Treatment efficacy together with skin irritation is higher as the concentration increased. Such irritation will leave the skin dry and flaky.

      Oral retinoids, such as isotretinoin (Roaccutane), helps reducing sebum production. It is effective for both facial and body acnes.

      Comedo extraction is performed in adjunction to prevent inflammation. Comedones can be treated in several ways. Consultation with expert dermatologists is considered the easiest and fastest way.

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