Facial rejuvenation: the secret to beauty

Understanding beauty in the face and its evolution

If beauty is subjective, harmony and a youthful appearance are the recipes for an attractive face as they correspond to genetic traits we look for in potential reproductive mates.

Hence, some physical features that are desirable in a face, and it might true that beauty is skin deep as the skin is the first visible organ on which we perceive an age indication.

In that sense, facial beauty requires a clear, smooth, skin of even complexion to be attractive. In structural traits, balance and proportions between the various areas, symmetry on both parts of the face, will ensure harmony in the face. High cheekbones, a well-defined jaw, and neck, certain plumpness and volume in the malar area and in the lips, a perceptible angle slant of the eyelids (canthus) are attractive and desirable features in a face and give it a youthful appearance.

With age, weight gains and losses, lifestyle and genetics, our bodies will lose their harmonious features and our youthful appearance fades away.

The aging of the face

The causes of skin aging

Different biological tissues will age differently. The largest body's organ, the skin, will age more rapidly when directly exposed to climatic elements such as air, ultraviolet rays from the sun or tanning cabinets, heat or cold, pollution, and other elements. We can then talk about cutaneous aging, which is the aging of the outer layer of the skin.

Cutaneous aging manifests itself by a thinning of the skin, a loss of elasticity, a certain dryness, uneven coloration (blotches or dark spots, at times vitiligo), dilated pores, etc.

Deeper tissues of the skin include the dermis and the hypodermis. They degrade with age as cellular functions become less efficient with the shortening of the telomeres on the chromosomes of the cells. As they replicate many times over, the cells responsible for the production of collagen fiber and elastin tend to rarefy, leading to a thinner, atrophied, more fragmented fibrous network.

Muscle movements and skin sagging

Below the hypodermis, are the fat cells, deposited in two layers, enveloping the muscles like a sandwich: the superficial fat layer, between the muscles and the skin and the second layer of fat cells called the deep fat tissue is found between the facial bones and the muscles. Under the effect of muscles movements millions of times over, time and gravity, with the progressive loss of conjunctive tissues, they tend to displace and move from their original area to other parts of the face, in an uneven fashion.

Muscles are plastic organs and are meant to change as they contract and age. Some muscles in the face will shorten as they contract many times over and thus lose their original curvature, and with time, also tend to thin, giving a less restful, more tense expression to the face.

Gravity comes last to exert its influence on the sagging of the dermis, fat and muscles tissues, exposing more of the bony parts.

The skeletonization of the face is also an undesirable outcome of the natural aging process. Lesser bone density coupled with a sharpening of the edges of the skull is responsible for the degradation of the quality of facial features and the exposure of skeleton scaffolding.

The good news is it is possible to address these issues with specific medical procedures at Metro Bangkok Clinic.

Facial asymmetry

Facial asymmetry is either more or less pronounced in each of us, depending on our bony and muscular structures. In some cases, some muscles in some parts of the faces are put into more use and force the modification of the appearance and the volumes of some parts of the facia. Restoring the balance requires an understanding of the underlying causes and the competences to fix and correct them.

The four components of facial aging and the solutions offered by Metro Bangkok Clinic

  • Loss of skin quality (loss of smoothness, uneven coloration, uneven texture, loss of glow)

Laser treatment, skin boosters

  • Loss of skin laxity (loss of softness, the appearance of creases and wrinkles)

Botox, Thermage

  • Soft tissue descent (jowls, drooping of the face, volume depression)

Thermage, Threadlift

  • Volume atrophy (hollowness in the orbital area, in the temporal area, flat cheeks, thinner mouth, and lips)

Dermal Fillers

Skin rejuvenation at Metro Bangkok

Of particular value in the process of skin-rejuvenation is the use of laser technology. Effective cleansers, toners, serums, exfoliants, and creams work together to achieve a glowing, vibrant skin tone, texture, and appearance.

Our facial rejuvenation treatment that includes along with Botox for animation lines like crow's feet, thick Hyaluronic acid gels for filling deep soft tissue like the cheeks, and Juvederm for superficial lines some of the following techniques to enhance the treatment.

Electromagnetic treatments

Bioengineered treatments

  • Hydropeptide

HydroPeptide is the leader in anti-aging skin care with their proprietary VLR technology; using the correct Variety of peptides at clinical Levels with regular repetition for superior anti-aging results.

  • Injectables
  • Skincare products and regimen

The components of facial asymmetry and the solutions offered by Metro Bangkok Clinic