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      Frown, Forehead & Crow’s Feet


      Frown (glabellar) lines, crow’s feet (lateral canthal lines) and other wrinkle reduction.

      We can bring back your youthful appearance once again with BOTOX injection by expert physicians in facial design. This treatment is available for 20 years old individuals and above.

      Botox injection is the leading treatment for softening or eliminating wrinkles and preventing new wrinkles, especially around the eyes, frown and forehead; it works by relaxing the muscles activity that create those wrinkles. It may be used to prevent apparition of wrinkles in a whole if started early enough. However, it is never too late to start because BOTOX can also be used to prevent the wrinkles from getting worse. 

      Botox is definitely the most common aesthetic procedure performed in cosmetic surgery, with around 10 millions people getting the procedure every year to preserve a youthful appearance. 

       Service fee: 170 THB per unit with Korean Botox Hugel or 250 THB per unit with American Botox Allergan.

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