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      Nasolabial & Other Lines

      Filler injection is the procedure for correction of any small wrinkles or folds on the skin in order to replenish tightness and youthful appearance. Generally, filler injection has no adverse effect, or very little and results in very natural-looking outcome.

      Areas of injection:

      Filler injection can be done in various facial locations. ‘Laugh line’ (nasolabial fold) correction is the most common.

      Treatments of deep-seated or long wrinkles, such as frown or‘bunny lines’ (nasoglabellar lines), by filler injection yield more favorable outcome than Botox injection. The result lasts for approximately 10-12 months.

      ‘Festoons’ or ‘jelly roll’ of lower eyelids can also be easily diminished by filler injection. With the use of small gauge needles, trace of injection is barely perceptible.

      Filler injection is also available as non-surgical rhinoplasty for patients with flat or uneven nasal bridge, who are not willing to experience immediate complications of surgery like inflammation and swelling. Besides, surgical rhinoplasty needs a reasonably good post-operative care. In such cases, problems can also be alternatively resolved by filler injection. The procedure requires up to 10 minutes for naturally-looking, prominent nose. It does not leave any pain after injection, so that patients can continue their daily activities and satisfy with the results. Filler can also help re-contouring the nose for better self- confidence and appearance.

      Filler injection into the forehead, the nose and the chin can be done to correct narrow forehead, flat nose or retracted chin, which cause patients to look older than their actual age. It enhances the chin length and slims down the face.

      Filler injection is also available as a resolution for thin lips. Lip augmentation for sexy, natural-looking, plump lips is safe, quick and without undesirable effect. Patients can select up to any level to reach the greatest satisfaction by consulting with expert doctors.

      Moreover, earlobe augmentation for those who have small earlobes can be achieved by filler injection.

      Best prices guaranteed:

      15,000 THB for 1cc treatment with Perfectha Subskin and Derm From France

      16,000 THB with Perfectha Deep

      16,000 THB with Restylane and Perlane

      20,000 THB with Juvederm Voluma

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