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      Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

      Surgical rhinoplasty, although it is straight to the point in correcting flat or uneven nasal bridge, but immediate complications like inflammation and swelling are unavoidable. Besides, it needs a good post-operative care. Nonetheless, this problem can also be alternatively resolved by filler injection. The procedure requires up to 10 minutes for naturally-looking, prominent nose. It does not leave any pain after injection, so that patients can continue their daily activities and satisfy with the results. Filler can also help re-contouring the nose for better self- confidence and appearance.

      Nose filler injection:

      Nose filler injection improves self-confidence without any side effects, or very minimal, and needs only a few minutes. Furthermore, patients can make a consultation with our experts and choose the desired level to gain the greatest satisfaction.

      This program includes: Nose bridge augmentation and tear-drop nasal tip re-contouring

      Best prices guaranteed:

      15,000 THB for 1cc treatment with Perfectha Subskin From France

      16,000 THB with Restylane from Sweden

      20,000 THB with Juvederm Voluma

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