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      Plastic Surgery

      Even though we are not performing any plastic surgery directly at Metro Bangkok Clinic but having a high demand for face lift, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and other surgical procedures, i had to be able to refer our valued customers to the most reputable surgeon in town.

      It is a big responsibility to refer anyone for plastic surgery, there was no room for mistake but strong of many years experiences, after having sent many friends, relatives and patients, i can testify of the beyond-excellent work done by Dr Chartchai Rattanamahattana and refer anyone to him with the most undoubtable confidence.

      I am proud and honored to work today in close collaboration with Dr Chartchai and i am happy to provide you with all the assistance you will need if you are considering having a surgery in Bangkok and no misunderstanding, it will not cost you anything more if you request my assistance, you will just enjoy all the service-mind that made Metro Bangkok Clinic one of the most sought after beauty clinic in Thailand. Let first me introduce you to the man who changed the life to so many people.

      Renaud d’Hercourt, International Care Manager.

      Dr Chartchai Rattanamahattana

      As a young man growing up, Chartchai Rattanamahattana was influenced by his family’s appreciation of the value of education. They encouraged him to pursue his goal of becoming a surgeon.

      Today, with several thousand patients in more than 20 years as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Chartchai is recognized by colleagues as a distinguished and skilled surgeon, respected as much for his honesty, integrity and dedication to his profession as for his surgical skill and attention to his patients.

      Dr. Chartchai is a board-certified surgeon, certified in plastic surgery by the Thai Board of Plastic Surgery and certified in general surgery by the Thai Board of General Surgery of the Medical Council of Thailand. He is an active member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand, the Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Thailand and the Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of Thailand.

      He has completed fellowships at Tokyo University in Japan and Emory University Hospital in Atlanta Georgia, deemed one of “America’s Best Hospitals”.

      Dr. Chartchai has admitting and operating privileges at leading hospitals in Bangkok including JCI-accredited Samitivej Hospital Sukhumvit, where he is the lead plastic surgeon and where he has practiced for more than 12 years. His practice is now more than 90% international patients and expatriates who come for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery from around the globe.

      His cosmetic surgical specialties include facial surgery, breast surgery, abdominoplasty, liposuction and body sculpting. His reconstruction surgery includes breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, repair of congenital and accident-related facial deformities, and body lifts after massive weight loss.

      For 6 years, he was a lecturer at Prince of Songkhla University in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, and microsurgery. He regularly presents specialty lectures at the leading medical schools in Thailand.

      Dr. Chartchai is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital of Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.

      He is married with 3 children, the eldest of whom is following in his father’s footsteps and studying to become a plastic surgeon.

      Dr. Chartchai is a Diplomate, Thai Board of Plastic Surgery, and Diplomate, Thai Board of General Surgery.

      Dr. Chartchai is a member of: National Academy of Medicine, Medical Council of Thailand and Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand 

      Dr.Chartchai ‘s Philosophy

      Dr. Chartchai is sensitive to the needs and desires in his patients. He has made a lifelong commitment to the art and practice of cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery is his passion and this becomes clear as patients consult with him.

      He fully understands the needs of his patients because he understands and has observed in his patients over many years how powerful quality plastic surgery can be in enhancing one’s life.

      Many of us feel our bodies show an age to the outside world that doesn’t match what we feel emotionally and spiritually. So when our faces make us look sad or angry, our bodies make us look lumpy, or our breasts hang to our waists, this is no longer acceptable. We may consider eyelid surgery, a facelift, an abdominoplasty, or a breast lift.

      Our soul and our spirit may be youthful and world-wise yet our appearance may say to others we look worn, sad, used up, world-weary. We may believe “60 is the new 40” and “50 is the new 30” and we may feel it, but we may not look it.

      Today with increasing awareness of the aging process, with more information available to us, and with a growing desire to be our best, Dr. Chartchai understands that diet, exercise and cosmetic surgery all help to increase our feelings of wellbeing and even feelings of self-worth. And ultimately may lead to better health and a longer and more satisfying life.

      When Dr. Chartchai consults with a patient, he considers each as a unique individual with unique needs and expectations, and goals. He understands that his patient’s decision to seek a surgical correction or procedure is not made lightly, but with considerable thought. He considers a patient’s desires and needs as a whole, and won’t agree to extreme or inappropriate surgery procedures that are out of balance and harmony with a natural-looking outcome appropriate for the individual patient.

      As a devout Buddhist who incorporates the fundamentals of Buddhism in his practice of medicine, he is non judgmental and observant of every patient’s needs. He is conservative in his surgical approach and doesn’t jump onto unproven “quick” procedures so popular among many plastic surgeons in western countries.

      He listens carefully to each patient during a consultation so that together they reach an agreement to undertake a surgical procedure that fits the patient’s requirements in a realistic and medically appropriate way. He encourages patients to work closely with him to achieve maximum outcomes.


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