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      Under eye and Dark circle

      Dark circles and bags are common cosmetic concerns – yet, until recently, effective treatment proved elusive. Now, new advances in aesthetic medicine offer patients a minimally invasive solution: dermal fillers. With dermal fillers such as Juvederm Volbella, Restylane Vital Light and Perfectha Derm, at Metro Bangkok Clinic we can reduce the appearance of dark circles and bags.

      What Causes Dark Circles & Bags?

      Depending on the cause and each individual’s anatomy, dark circles (indentations) and/or bags can appear. These can be caused by multiple factors. In most individuals, the skin directly under the eyes is so thin that the muscle and blood vessels can be seen more clearly. This is why almost all of us have some degree of darkness under the eyes.

      As we age, the skin grows even thinner, and we lose the natural insulating layer of fat beneath our skin. This causes underlying structures, like fat, to become more pronounced. What looks like puffiness that has appeared beneath the eyes is actually the fat that has always been there, now more visible due to thinning and hollowing in the area. This can be worsened by inadequate cheekbone projection.

      How Can Dermal Fillers Help?

      The traditional approach to eye bags has been to remove the fat, however, this only increases the “skeletonized” appearance. The new approach is to restore the insulating layer with fillers, which add volume and hydration. This smooths out indentations and bags and the shadows that they create. Using fillers to improve cheek projection provides additional support to the area for an improved under-eye appearance.

      Dermal Fillers for Dark Circles & Bags

      For a gentler injection procedure, our doctors mainly use micro-cannula injection method. These blunt-ended micro-cannulas cut fewer arteries and veins than needles, resulting in significantly less after-treatment bruising and swelling. The micro-cannula allows us to restore volume to even the delicate under-eye area in a way that appears natural.

      Using the micro-cannula, we inject a small amount of the dermal filler material below the eyes or along the cheek bone. The type of filler, the amount of filler, and the location of the injections will be determined based on each person’s unique anatomy and the conditions being addressed.

      Results appear immediately and will generally last anywhere from 6 months to a year, depending on the filler used. The treatment can be repeated regularly to maintain attractive results.

      Side effects from dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid are very extremely rare; however some common injection-related reactions such as edema, swelling, bruising, pain, itching, discoloration, and tenderness at the injection site may occur. 


      Best prices guarantee:

      15,000 THB for 1cc treatment with Perfectha Derm from France

      16,000 THB with Restylane Vital Light from Sweden

      20,000 THB with Juvederm Volbella

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