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"The privileges of beauty are immense.
Beauty even influences those who do not notice it."

Jean Cocteau

Awarded beauty clinic in Bangkok


Metro Bangkok Clinic is one of the leading beauty design centers in Thailand.
It offers the safest and best-performing technologies (approved by both local and USA FDA), seconded by an awarded expertise in the field of physical enhancement.
Our procedures and the results they offer, always stand out as our commitment to our patients have been our signature from the start; our patients not only look better, they also feel better.
By choosing us, you are giving yourself a new opportunity on life, we are very conscious of it and will do our best to honor your wishes.

Your beauty is our success.

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"Your Beauty is our success"

Our fulfillment comes from our customer's satisfaction.

I personally likes their service, very polite and detail for the explanation. The great service making me feel comfortable to proceed with my procedure in here.The doctor is not pushy and recommend only the best fit treatment tailor to my face. The lady doctor also has a sense of art when performing the treatment on my face.I am very satisfied with the end result .. End up almost wrinkle free looking + firm and lift on both cheek area + revive face on the next morning. This is really great. I highly recommend this clinic
05:46 18 Sep 18
I have visited Metro clinic on several occasions and each time fantastic results.I have used both doctor's and they are equally experienced and talented.I can't be happier with my results from my thermage and filler and highly recommend Metro to anyone seeking these treatments. One off the best things about Metro's service is the aftercare and follow up.Being a bit off a nervous patient they are extremely good at replying to all my questions if I have any concerns. This is so refreshing as most places forget about u once they have your money.Metro really does care about the results and the customers satisfaction. I look forward every time to my metro visits 10 stars needed .
Vicki Curtis
Vicki Curtis
08:30 09 Nov 18
I always go to Metro Clinic in Bangkok for my Botox and fillers. The staff are all really supportive and professional and take their time. I’ve recommended them to numerous friends and they have all been really pleased with the results. My results are alway natural and people comment that I look very fresh and rested.
Jodie McCowan
Jodie McCowan
07:58 03 Dec 18
This clinic is wonderful. The staff are extremely professional. The attending doctors clinical knowledge, their expertise and integrity are unquestionable. The service was impeccable. You will not be disappointed.
Kim Stephen
Kim Stephen
14:44 03 Dec 18
I was using another very well known doctor, but after I spoke with the staff at Metro Bangkok Clinic, i felt very confident with their detailed explanation regarding their technique and approach to thermage. I had the face and neck treatment and immediately noticed the pores of my skin got smaller, as well as a tightening and lifting of my face and neck areas. I was very impressed by the Doctors manual skill as well as the close attention they pay to their machines, so it's all updated, and the fact that they use a new head for the instrument they use on the thermage machine because this effects the quality of the laser. An over all extremely satisfying experience and well worth the money.
Noelle Christie
Noelle Christie
14:29 25 Nov 18
This is the clinic I always go to in Bangkok. Renaud and his staff is friendly, helpful and give excellent truthful advice as to what can one expect from any treatment. I come here for botox as well as vitamin drips -- both are great and deliver fabulous results.
Kevin Durrant
Kevin Durrant
06:35 04 Dec 18
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We speak French, English and Thaï.
We answer daily to all inquiries, please contact us if you have any questions or to book an appointment.

Non surgical beauty clinic in Bangkok


The name “Botox” refers to an injectable solution of "Botulinum toxin A" used in neurology designed to diminish the muscular contractions responsible of some of the skin wrinkles and facial asymmetry. By no doubt, it is the most famous technique in the prevention of facial ageing.
Metro Bangkok Clinic has chosen the best Botox products to be injected with expertise by its practicians as technique is as important as the products used for natural and refreshing results.

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Dermal fillers Bangkok

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are bio-compatible gels, used to enhance volumes or re-pulp some areas of the face and body. These fillers are injected directly under and in the skin in the targeted area to rejuvenate by hydration and by compensating age-lost volume to soft tissues.
The Metro clinic offers several types of dermal fillers of different viscosity, to be used in various procedures and dependent on the sought-after results.


Thermage is a unique radio frequency treatment that is used on sagging and loose skin to stimulate the production of collagen present in the skin to give it a tighter and younger look.
The professional will mark your skin on the targeted area to use it as a reference before starting the treatment.
Metro Clinic combines its knowledge and the best radio frequency treatment to make sure you get the best results.


IPL Laser

Intensive Pulse Light treatment is used to destroy specific coloured cells when these absorb the turning-to-infrared electromagnetic wavelength sent to them. IPL can be used in skin resurfacing treatment, the ablation of pigmented lesions, acne scars, hair removal as well as other conditions.
Before the treatment starts, a cold gel is applied to the skin and safety glasses are to be given to the patient. The procedure lasts about 20 minutes on average at Metro Bangkok Clinic but the time varies depending on the area treated. With no downtime, you may go back to your regular activities right after the treatment.

Nd Yag Laser

The q-switched laser is a high-intensity laser that is often used for tattoo removal and hyperpigmentation issues.
This laser is extremely powerful compared to some other laser treatments it cannot be used for every type of skin treatment. Before the treatment begins, the skin of the area treated will be numbed with a numbing cream or a local anesthetic.
Every physician at Metro Bangkok Clinic has followed a complete training in order to be able to process this technology.



The 4D UltraLift HIFU is a powerful high-intensity ultrasound which targets the deep body tissues to stimulate the creation of collagen and is used as a non-surgical face and neck lift.
The treatment is a one-time treatment with no downtime that can be renewed every year for better results. Every practitioner at Metro Clinic is capable of giving this treatment safely and with great results for our clients.

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