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Vagina Fillers, Vagina Augmentation, Labia Augmentation at Metro Bangkok Clinic by Gynaecologist 

Why do we need Vagina Fillers for Rejuvenation ?

As women go through childbearing, hormonal changes and aging. They may feel many changes in the body including the genitalia. Like other area of your body vagina have aging process also when you older it can have hypotrophy or atrophy problems, loss of volume, discomfort, asymmetrical and can make you feel loss of confidence. These changes can impact a woman's quality of life such as vaginal laxity, sexual function, loss of vaginal lubrication, stress urinary incontinence and loss of tone of the labia majora.

Vagina Fillers can help to relieve and improve the appearance but also can enhancing, strengthening the structures of the vagina, restore natural shape, make it more symmetrical, look more attractive and giving more youthful and toned appearance.


Vagina, Labia fillers by Metro Bangkok Clinic
Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

What is Vagina Fillers? Is it Safe ? Is it like facial dermal fillers?

Yes the fillers that we use on vagina area is similar that we use on the face. The Best type is Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers (HA) which is naturally human component and it very safe if compare with other products. After injection it can blend with your surrounding tissues and nobody know that you injected the fillers. And additional in vagina area it is not only for Aesthetic or cosmetic reasons but also it can improve many functions and problems such as comfortably, sexual intimacy, hydration, loss of confidence, some infections and make more symmetrical. The most important at Metro Bangkok Clinic we use FDA approved product that specially design for Vagina only (Other HA fillers FDA approve for face not for vagina and labia)

Are Vagina Fillers painful?

Like other procedures for the treatments we need little bit for pain killer (local anesthesia) injections that is the most painful part. But after that when we do fillers injection is not painful. If you can do the fillers injection on face this is the same feeling.

vaginal Rejuvenation-02.png

Is there any side effect ? 

Actually for Vagina Fillers is similar to facial fillers so it is almost no downtime. Especially if you do only labia major augmentation. But if you augmentation inside vaginal canal it is little longer downtime. The most common that can happen is little swelling, low risk of bruising. But if you have some vulvovaginal infections such as bacterial, viral eg. HSV or HPV or fungal should correct the problems first before doing the treatments.

vaginal Rejuvenation-04.jpg

Why have to do Vagina Fillers at Metro Bangkok Clinic?

At Metro Bangkok Clinic Our Procedures done by Gynaecologist specialist that have qualify certificate of training, a lot experiences for fillers injections very good Aesthetic design with more than 8 years experiences. We understand the women more than other peoples so you can make sure that your Vagina will look perfect and natural without any pain. And the products that we used have FDA approved that is save and good to do at vagina area. (Only one fillers in Thailand that FDA approved to do at Vagina area other dermal fillers is FDA approved for face not for Vagina)

The procedure takes less than 20-30 minutes. When do the procedure you can feel a little pain. (Botox is more painful) If the procedure done not properly it will be very painful because this area is a lot of nerves.

How to take care after Vagina Fillers ?

Most people can resume their normal activities immediately afterward.

But we recommended for sexual activity should wait 2-3 days after procedure at least.

Patient should drinking a lot of water for next 2 weeks. Becareful anything too hot for 2 weeks such as Sauna and Stream room. Some peoples need little massage after the treatments.

How long does Vagina Fillers last? When should come back to follow up ?

At Metro Bangkok Clinic we use Mesofiller Sensitive from Mesoestetic (Spain) which now is only one brand that FDA approved for the Vagina injection. (Now other brand FDA approve only facial injection) So you can make sure that our products are the Best for your vagina area, look natural and work properly. This products can last around 1 year.

You can see results immediately right after the treatments but in 1 months after your body produces more collagen it will be a bit better. 

For follow up normally the renewal effects on the skin to produces more collagen usually lasts several weeks to months. So if you need can come back to follow up 2-4 weeks after the treatment.


Vagina Fillers Prices list.

To make the results look good and natural. Vagina Fillers normally need at least 3 cc for the treatments. Left side 1cc, right side 1cc and mon pubid 1cc at the same time.

With the Best FDA approved Hyaluronic acid fillers for Vagina area normal price is 25,000 THB per 1 cc but we have promotion for 3 cc only 5o,000 THB. (Free Pelvic exam by gynaecologist)


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