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HIFU (4D Ultralift) at Metro Bangkok Clinic

Why is 4D Ultra Lift ?

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), also known as Ultrasound Facelift or Ultherapy is now one of the most popular non-invasive face lifting treatments available today due to its unique technology.

4D ultra lift is next evolutionThis technique delivers energy across the skin surface at a relatively low intensity, Ultrasound may pass harmlessly through human tissue, yet when acoustically focused at high intensities, sufficient energy may be deposited to produce a well-demarcated volume of tissue contraction, independent of soft tissue type, without the risks of adverse events combined with proprietary application techniques, results in biological tissue disruption, stimulate its rejuvenation by the patients own specialized cells.


A non surgical facelift solution

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) provides a potential noninvasive alternative to surgical facelift and body contouring, with no downtime.

HIFU is a minimally invasive therapy, which can provide a visible, lasting slight lifting and slimming effect in the remodeling of the face, by the ablation of unwanted soft tissues (fat deposits) and the stimulation of the production of collagen, helping your skin to maintain its youthful suppleness in a subtle and natural way.

4D UltraLift HIFU targets local areas such as the brow, cheeks, jowl, and neck, providing face skin lifting and rejuvenation. You will soon notice a marked improvement in general facial aspect, sometimes, but to a lesser extent than Thermage for example, in the expression of fine lines and wrinkles.

Are there any Side effect ?

The most common side effects included temporary reactions at the treatment site such as tenderness, mild swelling and last only few hours.


How long does it take to see the results ?

With the 4D ultra lift you can usually see 10-20% of the result immediately right after the treatment with little or no swelling effect.

Most people will see full results 1-2 month after the treatment, and the effects will lasts between 6-12 months depending on individual reaction.

How many HIFU 4D Ultralift treatment are required for the best results ?

Most patients only need one treatment. Usually, our patients are invited to return for a follow-up again 6-12 months from the last treatment. This can also vary according to individual needs, so if you feel like you would benefit from further treatment, you can make an appointment for an evaluation and have the procedure repeated 3 months later.

How much does the HIFU 4D ultra lift cost ?

HIFU 4D ultra lift treatment Prices list.

Full face + Neck : 35,000 THB (Most popular)

Upper face : 15,000 THB

Lower face : 20,000 THB

Neck and under chin : 15,000 THB

Taking care of yourself after HIFU 4D ultra lift procedure ?

Just like Thermage, most patients can return to their regular activities immediately following treatment. No special care is required afterward, aside from basic skin maintenance and using sunscreens as part of a regular skincare regimen.

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