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ND Yag Laser at Metro Bangkok Clinic.

What is ND-Yag Laser ?

There are two types of "peeling" lasers typically used for skin resurfacing: abrasive (fractional laser like the CO2) and non-abrasive. Non-abrasive lasers such as the Q-Switched ND YAG laser works by targeting specific pigments in the skin; it targets damaged or uneven coloured skin cells in the treatment area. When it comes to laser tattoo removal, the Q-Switched ND YAG laser targets ink pigment and breaks it up into smaller particles through powerful bursts of energy.


Technique used by our experts

At Metro Bangkok Clinic, Q-Switched ND YAG laser is:

Used in the treatment of epidermal or dermal hyperpigmentation issues caused by excess production or clumping of the skin pigment melanin, such as lentigines, sun spots, photoaging (for skin resurfacing in wrinkled skin), freckles, cafe-au lait macules, skin lesions and scar pigmentations.

The Q-Switched ND YAG laser is a safe procedure when administered by an expert.

All physicians at Metro Bangkok Clinic undergo extensive training with laser devices and can administer the latest treatment techniques safely, and effectively.
Procedure of the ND Yag Laser

The most common side effects included temporary reactions at the treatment site such as redness, little pain, little dry skin after procedures and last only few hours.

Smooth Shiny Skin

Procedure of the ND Yag Laser

When you visit Metro Bangkok Clinic for treatment with the Q-Switched ND YAG laser, our physician will first make a detailed assessment of your skin concerns, to ensure that this laser is the best skin treatment option in your situation.

Before the treatment begins, You will also be provided with protective eye-wear.

Our physicians will then guide the laser across the treatment area to deliver powerful bursts of energy to break down pigmented cells.

Some discomfort is common during this stage, as the laser will cause micro-damage in the skin. However, most patients handle this procedure with ease, and our physicians always work diligently to ensure maximum comfort.


When you see the results ?

You can see the result immediately right after the treatment with little or no swelling effect.

Before the full effect at 1-2 month depend on individual reaction.

What result you should expect with ND Yag treatment ?

It can improve skin quality make 

When should come back to follow up or should wait until next treatment ?

Normally for follow up again after 1-2 months from last treatment. But it depend on the patients if the problem is a lot you need more often to come to examination and evaluation than another people who do for prevention.

ND Yag Laser treatment Prices list.

Small area : 2,000 THB

Middle area : 3,500 THB

Full face  :  7,000 THB Now Promotion at 5,000 THB (Most popular) 

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