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      About Us

      Metro Bangkok Clinic is one of the leading Beauty Design Centers in Thailand. The Center employs and is supervised by accomplished medical specialists in Advanced Science and Beauty Care. You too may experience the beauty that shines within you!


      Art and Science of Beauty

      Metro Bangkok Clinic specializes in a full range of beauty enhancement treatments, using advanced medical equipment, modern technology and upholding to the highest standards of care. We offer the safest and most innovative technologies from America, which are approved by the Food & Drug Administration (USA- FDA, KDFA, KGPM, THAI-FDA)We value all our customers and work closely with them to tailor treatments according to their needs.

      “Your Beauty is Our Success”

      Customize your appearance according on your desires, without the need for surgery. In a nurturing and comfortable environment, we are always ready to work with the highest standards, for an impressive result of beauty.

      VIP Class Clinic with individual tracking systems for customized treatments, allowing quality reports and follow-ups for your doctor’s convenience and efficiency. Service minded operation for amazing results.

      Need More Info?

      We never share, rent or sell your information to a third party. We respect your rights to privacy and appreciate your trust.