Botox Injection at Metro Bangkok Clinic

The expected results of quality of Botox injections depend on the quality of the product in use, the physician's touch and experience, and the intimate understanding of the patient's physiological peculiarities and commitment to the treatment are at the heart of smooth, natural and harmonious accomplishments.

Metro Bangkok Clinic's holistic approach, choice of products, and a deep understanding of the techniques is your best guarantee of a result of the highest standards.

The techniques in place at Metro Bangkok Clinic

Without prior experience, less is best during the first injection of Botox, as it is necessary to evaluate the effects of the product upon the patient’s facial expressions.
For this use case, the lesser lasting product might be used, with a lower dose. Later on, with a better understanding of the patient’s reaction to the product, other products and dosages might be used

What problem that Botox can treat to fight the signs of age.

Wrinkles reduction such as crow's  feet, Forehead, Frown lines, Masseter reduction, Neck lines.

Nasal flare reduction

Facial lifting or correction

Hyperhidrosis especially armpits area

Eyebrow lifting 

Calf reduction

When you see see the results and what result you should expect with botox treatment ?

Not like the dermal filler that you can see the result immediately.

But for the botox you will see the first effect in 3-5 days after the treatment but achieve full results after 1-2 weeks, and the effects will lasts between 3 and 6 months, depending on the Botox selected for the treatment and individual reaction.

How frequency you should do the Botox treatment ?

Normally we will appointment the scheduled due to time of the lasting effects of the products used. 

As an example, Allergan Botox can every 6 months and Hugel should be injected every 4 months

But the time depend on individual reaction and not lesser than every 3 months to reduce the risk of resistant.

How much does the Botox cost ?

We charge 250 THB per unit with Allergan which is a very competitive price in Bangkok

and just 170 THB for Hugel from Korea.

Botox Prices depend on the area that you want to correct is just subtle examination.

For Examples

Forehead lines need about 15-20 units of botox

Glabellla frown lines need about 20-30 units of botox

Crow's feet need about 15-25 units of botox

Masseter reduction need about 40-60 units of botox

Neck lines need about 20 units of botox

Hyperhydrosis need about 50-100 units of botox

How to take care after Botox procedures ?

Most patients return to their regular activities immediately following treatment. Just some special care such as don't lie down for the next 4 hours after the treatment, Becareful about laser, sauna, stream room for the next 2 weeks, basic skin maintenance and sunscreens as part of a regular skincare regimen.

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