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Facial Omakase at Metro Bangkok Clinic.

First facial Omakase in Thailand-What is it?

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One of our inspiration come from Japanese restaurant that when people come to restaurant and don't know what should they order, which one is the best, so they what you to recommended and choose the menu for them. the another one we have many patients ask us that which one is the best, what should they do.

So the Omakase Program is the answer.

You don't need to find a lot of information that which one is the best, which one you should do, which one shouldn't, is it safe to do the treatment etc. we do everything for you already.

It can safe a lot of time so let the professional do it for you.

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With Omakase Program at Metro Bangkok Clinic. 

First Step : We will have consultation to our patients and gather some information about the problem that you want to correct.

Second Step : Our Doctors will evaluate and examination to see all the problem that you have and how to correct for look better and younger.

Third step : We choose the best treatment with the best products for you and do the treatment step by step.

We guarantee the result that you will look better immediately after the treatment and look better and better.

No worried about not natural result, fake result or unwanted result.

No worried about the downtime and side effects. All treatment that we do is minimal downtime, minimal side effects and safe. And immediately after the treatment most patients return to their regular activities like normal.

Caution : This Omakase program need 2 hours at least to do the treatment 

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When should come back to follow up or should wait until next treatments ?

Recommendation is 1-2 years depend on the people. But should not oftens than 3 months.

How much does the Omakase treatment cost ?

Siam Soprano Vitality Center offer better services and all our products are imported from the best laboratories worldwide, include needles, syringes to offer less traumatic, safer to our patients and can get best experienced for the treatment you have.

Omakase Prices 250,000 THB.

We have promotion at 200,000 THB (Recommended Most popular treatment) Can do all what you want, All inclusive, No extra charge.

How to take care after Omakase program ?

Most patients return to their regular activities immediately following treatment. Just some special care such as don't lie down for the next 4 hours after the treatment, drink a lot of water 2 liters per day for the next 2 weeks, Becareful about laser, sauna, stream room for the next 2 weeks, basic skin maintenance and sunscreens as part of a regular skincare regimen.

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