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Allergan Botox : Why Your Botox Brands Matters.

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Botox injectables have now been on the market for more than thirty years. With Botox being used to treat a wealth of cosmetic and medical concerns, its popularity only continues to rise.

Despite this, many people still have a lot of questions about Botox. For example: Is it safe? Is one brand more effective than another brand? And what should you look for when choosing a clinic for your Botox treatment?

Read on for our answers to these questions and everything you need to know before getting Botox.

Original Allergan Botox at Metro Bangkok Clinic
Original Allergan Botox at Metro Bangkok Clinic

Allergan Botox: The Original Botox

So what is Botox exactly? Botox is actually the brand name for an injectable Botulinum toxin type A treatment, marketed by an Irish-domiciled American company called Allergan. Botulinum toxin type A is a protein produced by a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. When injected under the skin it works by blocking various chemical signals from the nerves - primarily signals that cause muscles to contract - thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The efficacy of Botox has been described in more than 528 peer-reviewed articles in scientific and medical journals. Women should avoid Botox during pregnancy, but it is otherwise considered very safe. It is the first and only treatment of its kind approved by the FDA for improving the appearance of deep wrinkles.

A typical Botox treatment is very quick. Pain is minimal, as is downtime after the procedure. Once Botox is injected, it disappears naturally inside the body. Results are noticeable within 5-7 days after injection and last for 4-6 months, before the muscles begin to slowly regain their movement. Some people can last longer depend on individual reaction.

Today, there are various Botulinum toxin type A injectables available, marketed under different brand names such as Dysport and Xeomin, but Allergan Botox is still considered the gold standard. Approved for use in 98 countries, Allergan is not only the best-selling Botulinum toxin type A treatment on the market but also the most widely-researched and studied treatment of its kind.

Botox treatment at Metro Bangkok Clinic
Botox treatment at Metro Bangkok Clinic

What is Allergan Botox used for?

Perhaps the most popular use of Allergan Botox injections is for the treatment of expression lines and facial wrinkles that develop as our skin ages. Botox helps with this because it targets the underlying causes of wrinkles - muscle movement in the form of squinting, frowning, smiling and raising the eyebrows repeatedly. This makes Botox very effective for treating common concerns like crows feet, forehead creases and frown lines. It relaxes certain muscles of the face and inhibits movement.

Other common cosmetic uses for Botox include lip lines, a gummy smile, marionette lines, excessive sweating, dimpled chins, eyebrow shaping and neck lines. Injections are meant to look natural, so you will look like yourself after having a Botox procedure, only with fewer wrinkles. Because the effects of Botox are temporary, regular appointments about every six months or so, are required to maintain your results.

In addition to its numerous cosmetic uses, Allergan Botox has many practical and medical uses. Treatment for migraines, neck spasms, excessive sweating, overactive bladder and eye twitching are just a few examples. Botox can even be injected into the jaw area to prevent excess muscle clenching and slim the jawline over time.

Allergan vs. Korean Botox

When it comes to treatments like Botox, there are many new brands hitting the market and many countries are developing their own formulas. While it may be tempting to save money and use a less expensive brand, such as those hitting the market in Korea, Allergan is still the original and most trusted treatment of its kind.

FDA labeling states that Botox is not interchangeable with any other product like it on the market. While many brands have tried to replicate Botox’s unique formula, Allergan is the only one that has been thoroughly researched, tested and studied for its efficacy.

When shopping for a clinic that offers Botox, you will want to ensure that they use only Allergan brand. Be cautious of discount products or treatments, as they have likely not undergone the same extensive testing, research and market approval processes as Allergan Botox. Without this, it is not possible to know if you are getting the full potency and strength of Botox from the Botulinum Toxin type A as it was originally formulated.

Because Botox procedures are an investment, you will want to ensure that you are getting the highest quality product and treatment as well as the best experience. By doing your research and choosing the most reputable brand, you will get the better results and minimize your risk of complications.

Botox treatment at Metro Bangkok Clinic
Botox treatment at Metro Bangkok Clinic

Other things to know about Botox treatments

Although there is little to no downtime following Botox treatment, you will want to avoid saunas, steam rooms or other laser procedures for about two weeks. You should avoid lying down for about four hours immediately following Botox injections and maintain regular skincare habits such as cleansing and applying SPF products.

The provider you choose for your Botox treatment is also very important, so look for practitioners and clinics with plenty of experience providing these treatments.

Metro Bangkok Clinic is a leading beauty treatment center in Thailand. We believe that the outcome of your treatment has much to do with the physician’s expertise as well as the quality of product used. For this reason, our clinic provides injectable treatments using only the highest quality products, such as Allergan Botox. The skilled team at Metro Bangkok Clinic is committed to treating patients holistically, using only the safest and most effective technologies on the market.

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