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Welcome to Metro Bangkok Clinic !!!

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Why Metro Bangkok Clinic?

Metro Bangkok Clinic is one of the leading beauty design centers in Thailand.

We open more than 8 years and have many people come and do treatment with us because many factors.

We offers the safest and best-performing technologies (approved by both local and USA FDA), seconded by an awarded expertise in the field of physical enhancement.

Our procedures and the results they offer, always stand out as our commitment to our patients have been our signature from the start;

Our patients not only look better, they also feel better.

By choosing us, you are giving yourself a new opportunity on life, we are very conscious of it and will do our best to honor your wishes.

"Your beauty is our success"

Can contact and make appointment at

- Line ID : metroclinic

- Whatsapp : +66850399997

- Telephone : +66850399997


We have services mind and want to make every people happy.

5 stars international award for the best services.

Feel comfortable and relax like your home.

We make consultation case by case depend on the problem you want to correct. And we advice the best treatment that you can.

5 Stars Patients Service award 2019 (In recognition of excellence in patient experience) Not only first year we got but also we got this reward 8 years already.

We understand ageing process and reverse it to make every people look better and younger.

We do the treatment step by step

All the product we use are approved by both USFDA and local FDA and we selected only the best and top quality products.

We use grade A medical equipment to make sure that our patients can get the best result.

Most of the Machine come form USA and the most popular one is Thermage.

We can advice the proper treatment for every patients depend on what you want and what you need

Our doctors have many certificate, train properly and many years of experience.

It our passion to learn how to make people look better and look natural.


Our Works

This is the example of our patients for some treatment at Metro Bangkok Clinic.

The Real pictures and real results. (License of Metro Bangkok Clinic)

Can contact and make appointment at

- Line ID : metroclinic

- Whatsapp : +66850399997

- Telephone : +66850399997


Botox Procedures (Before and After)

Undereyes Fillers (Before and After)

Lips Augmentation by HA Fillers (Before and After)

Chin Augmentation by HA Fillers (Before and After)

Nasolabial fold and under eyes fillers (Before and After)

Thermage immediately result (Before and After)

Can improve skin textures, pores and stimulate collagen synthesis.

Thermage result 1month after procedure (Before and After)

The result will be better until 6 months and can last 1-2 years depend on the people.

Thermage Body procedure immediately result (Before and After)

Can stimulate collagen and the best for tightening.

4D ultra lift treatment (Before and After)

Can contact and make appointment at

- Line ID : metroclinic

- Whatsapp : +66850399997

- Telephone hotline 24hrs : +66850399997

Hope this topic can help you know more about us. It our passion to do this. Thank you

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