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Information about case Khun Stefanie Marco 

We don't have any intentions to do this but we have to protect ourself and our reputation because from the comment that Khun Stefanie Marco post is not true so we have to declare more information.


Case Khun Stefanie Marco

Because we don't know she will be like this so we don't take before photo as much as we can so this is some photo that we take before she do the treatment with us. This is real picture from camera without any retouch.


All the line that she refer that from our tread lift treatment actually she have it before we can see it clearly from 2017-2018-2019 of her official ig pictures that maybe pass some photoshop or some effect already.

It cause from normal aging process and normally it should have more day by day but she don't accept it and tell us that it cause from our treatment. For our treatment we use PDO thread not the barb so normally it will stimulate her collagen not damage like her said.

Stefanie Marco-2017-01.JPG
Stefanie Marco-2018-01.JPG
Stefanie Marco-2018-02.JPG
Stefanie Marco-2018-03JPG.JPG
Stefanie Marco-2019-01.JPG

When the moment she come she said she don't have money, tell many story and want to do the best treatment ask for very special promotion and we tell her already that it's very special promotion and there is no guarantee and refund she said to us it is ok no worried she accept and understand.


At the moment she do we do for her the half face and she said something weird that the result not good so we decided that we will stop doing the treatment at the half face and no charge her anything (Free treatment if it's not good) because we can see clearly that the result is good. So you can come back with free treatment half face without paying and can do in another place if you want.


But she decided by herself that she want to do full face treatment and pay the amount that we agree together at the beginning.

The result you can see from the photo. (For the dermal fillers treatment she try to point everywhere and we tell her already that if you do like this you can not see the result as much as they can because normally we don't do like that.)


This is before-after photo that she do the treatment with us. It can see clearly that she look better not worse like she said.

Stafanie Marco-After-01.JPG
Stafanie Marco-After-02.JPG

After the treatment the result is better already and we don't know why she still complain about the treatment and we ask her for comeback to follow up and we can see clearly together that where is the problem first she come and she can see that see look better compare to before but she still complain that she want more and better result but she don't want to pay more and we tell her already that if you want to look better it still need to do more because only one little treatment can not correct all the problem that you have at the same time it is not a miracle and you don't give the budget for this so it is impossible to do that.


But we understand and feel sympathise so we decided to do more free treatment to her as she want until she satisfy and that it quite a lot of treatment more.


And after that she tell us that she look worse because of us that why we very disappointed with her. We try to help her everything that she want if anything can make she feel better but she change her word day by day and she want more and more and we don't got anything from her but she never understand and try to threaten us. Don't come back to see and try to find reason which is not true such as she can not come because Bangkok lock down which actually Bangkok never lock down but she don't come because of something. She tell her friends to threaten us too. (Her friends threaten us too.)

And she try to threaten us more and more that she want more free treatment and refund if we don't do more free treatment for her or refund she will post bad reviews for us that why this happen.

It is ok to have the bad review but if the review is not true it is not right to have it. It have a lot more information but we think that this is too much for another people to know and understand the situation.

Thank you for every people to let us explain the situation.

We hope that the situation will be better.

Have a nice day.

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